Position Parallele

12" Vinyl+CD
Position Parallele

Artikelnummer: HR_087_LP

EAN: 4038846312878

Erscheinungsdatum: 03.06.2008

The limited to 500 copies Vinyl version comes with printed innersleeves and CD copy in walletsleeve.
finally avaitlabel again the first CD by Derniere Volonte’s minimal electronic projects - a taste of future retro synthi pop! The cold electronic side project of Derniere Volonte a sentimental melancholic journey into the early 80. The charming voice and the minimalistic dreams will make you move your feet even more then during a Derniere Volonte gig! First eponym album, coming with 8 tracks, to present this first step into the big sphere of surrealism, cold love & lonely despair. Sometimes we feel something in our head like Radiowave energy, here is our story

Kategorie: Vinyl

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  1. Hotel Du Nord
  2. Tes Lèvres... / Passe Les Portes
  3. Gorge "Arachnée"
  4. Je Reviendrai
  5. Émission
  6. Fortune
  7. Si Calme
  8. Une Erreur

12" Vinyl+CD Position Parallele "Position Parallele"

Band: Position Parallele
Datenträger Anzahl: 2
Farbe: schwarz
Produkttyp: 12" Vinyl+CD
Label: Hau Ruck

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