Last Dominion Lost

12" Vinyl
The Tyranny Of Distance

Artikelnummer: TESCO_058LP

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2004

The multi-talented John Murphy (currently in Foresta di Ferro, Kraang, and Shining Vril) did these recordings with Dominik Guerin in Australia in the early nineties. The music is more or less a follow up to classical SPK music like „Leichenschrei“-hard aggressive screams, rhythms, and noise loops with a partly tribal touch. All produced with old analog equipment. If there is a music to be labeled „old school“ than here it is! Limited edition of 500 copies.

Kategorie: Vinyl


Lieferzeit: 12 - 13 Werktage


  1. Fractured Faith
  2. The Will To Win
  3. The Conundrum
  4. Forbidden Whispers
  5. Empty Tombs (The Tyranny Of Distance)
  6. The Grimsel Path
  7. Hell To Pay
  8. Lost Dominion (On The Final, Fatal, Bloody Shore)

Produkttyp: 12" Vinyl
Datenträger Anzahl: 1
Band: Last Dominion Lost
Farbe: Schwarz
Label: Tesco Organisation

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