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Artikelnummer: TESCO_115

Erscheinungsdatum: 14.02.2021

Hard Slipcase boxed Set

this release was already planned in 2011 for the 20th anniversary of „Save our Slaves“. The implementation and the restoration of the original source material took a lot of time, especially the sound-files of the 1990 pre-release concert which are completed for this set for the 1st time. Genocide Organ had to dig deep into long-forgotten parts of the archive, to reconstruct as many as possible of the original photo-materials, reconstruct, extend and re-view them.

The work on the new album „The Obituary of the Americas“ delayed the completion as well, but then also accelerated it, as both publications were cut across thematically. Now it is done!
A further stone fits into the wall of the bands historical back catalogue.

CD version:
Limited first edition comes as deluxe linenpaper covered, foilblocked and debossed Hard-Slipcase, incl. Coverpak with double CD and extensive large 24p booklet. Only this first edition comes as special Hard-Slipcase Set with the additional Live CD.

Musical contend:
The complete material of „Save our Slaves“ originally released in 1991.
„The Lever Sunlicht Shooting“, reflecting the complete performance of Genocide Organ Live 15.12.1990 in Mannheim in front of an invited audience.

Compilation Tracks from:
Perpetual State of Oracular Dream LP 1991
Natural Order 2LP 1997
Sound of Hate Vol.7 MC 1992
Exploration One CD 1995
Trans-Action MC 1992

+ both tracks from:
Klan Kountry 7? 1998

all material from original source material re-mastered by Jerome Nougaillon and Genocide Organ.

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  1. Death With Dignity
  2. I Want James Meredith
  3. John Birch Society
  4. Kill Useless Nations
  5. Patria Y Libertad
  6. Violent Coordinating Committee
  7. Dogday
  8. R.F. And His Law
  9. Weg Der Verlorenen
  10. TonTon Macoutes
  11. Klan Kountry
  12. We Grow
  13. Search A Place To Die

Live At Lever Sunlicht / Mannheim 15.12.90

  1. Necros In Sky-wars
  2. Search A Place To Die
  3. Kill Useless Nations
  4. Justice
  5. Amazade Y Negri
  6. Violent Coordinating Committee
  7. This Is No Lie
  8. A Documented Lie
  9. Patria Y Libertad

2CD Genocide Organ "Civilization"

Band: Genocide Organ
Label: Tesco Organisation
Datenträger Anzahl: 2
Produkttyp: 2CD
Besonderheit: limitiert

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