Viva La Lola

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What happened to the good old sound of the early Eighties, when artists like Fad Gadget or Gary Numan understood working with electronics as one giant wild and anarchistic playground? Unfortunately, Fad Gadget is now dead and master Numan is sporting a more dark Industrial sound, these days. Hence, we are in dire need of fresh blood for this kind of music! And who would be better suited to fit the role than Don Goldmann and Sancho Schirner who have been riding against the windmills of the establishment with their orphaned church organ Lola and the most eccentric Electro-Pop-vision of all times for quite some time, now? On their new album ?Viva La Lola?, the mad duo (now minus a horde of brawly ballerinas but joined by a live band) is taking the next step toward world domination by reinvigorating the spirit of the before mentioned pioneers from the early Eighties and unleashing the wildest electronic fun fair sound in years unto the unsuspecting public. ?Viva La Lola? is anti-Pop of the most subversive kind, gloriously full of unpredictable melodic twists from warbling analog contraptions riding high on stomping beats plus a healthy dose of frenetic and fresh vocal escapades. Lola Angst do not give a damn on conventions and enliven their rather dance floor compatible sound with lots of little atonal peculiarities and sonic experiments. Furthermore, fans of the Eighties will probably get quite some kicks out of trying to figure out all the little quotes from and references to popular songs from this era. The hit potential of this creative rollercoaster ride might not reveal itself immediately to everyone, but when the songs hit you, they will stay with you for a long time. And it takes guts to give the catchiest song on the album a provocative title like ?Blood And Honour? only to verbally kick the rear ends of anyone who might be attracted to such a phrase in the lyrics. As a special bonus, the first edition of the album will contain the bonus disc ?Live In Germania? which gives a pretty good impression of the sonic madness that Lola Angst unleash on stage. Cynical Anarchy-Pop from the electronic laboratory? the pioneers from the days of year could not have done it better!

Tracklist CD 1: VIVA LA LOLA
01. Go to Hell
02. This Earth is not enough for me
03. Blood and Honour
04. I love myself
05. Boulevard of broken Hearts
06. Dear Enemy
07. Daddy Daddy
08. Wonderful Flowers
09. Strange beautiful tear
10. Monkeys
11. This is the End
12. Love is a battlefield
13. Death is in the Air
Tracklist CD 2: LOLA ANGST

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Band: Lola Angst
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