The Truth in Dark Corners

Artikelnummer: VOX_08_CD

Erscheinungsdatum: 17.07.2011

Standing in the attic... lost and found... "The Truth in dark corners" is a treasure.... Restored by Martin Bowes from recently re-discovered live cassette recordings of the 1985 tours of Holland and the UK....
This album Including two never before released songs from ATTRITION's "Smiling, at the Hypogonder club" period - "In the attic" and "The aftermath"... plus a rare vocal version of the track "The wrecking ground", and radically different earlier versions of many tracks from that album... "Smiling, at the Hypongonder club" was ATTRITION's second album proper and was seen by many as a classic darkwave / industrial record.... The Truth in dark corners" is the perfect accompaniement....
The cover artwork includes rare photographs and sleeve notes by long time friend and fan Justin Mitchel of Cold Spring records...

Kategorie: CDs

12,99 €

Lieferzeit: 5 - 6 Werktage


  1. Intoducing
  2. Mind Drop
  3. In The Attic
  4. Feel The Backlash
  5. The Aftermath
  6. Shrinkwrap
  7. Hallucinator
  8. Pendulum Turns
  9. Fate Is Smiling
  10. The Wrecking Ground

Band: Attrition
Produkttyp: CD
Label: Other Voices Records

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