Bain Wolfkind

The Swamp Angel

Artikelnummer: HR_092

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2008

The Australian songwriter and DER BLUTHARSCH member returns with an album, featuring 15 reverb drenched tales of love, loss, betrayal and revenge. The album is guitar driven and features a Motley Crew of guest musicians spanning a sound from Johhny Thunders style balads and rocking numbers to down tempo, psychedelic torch songs.

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  1. Corruption Is The Currency
  2. The Crossroads
  3. Your Dogs And Your Lynchin' Mob
  4. Nailed To The Mast
  5. The Eye Of The Hurricane
  6. The Palace Of Pain
  7. Down To The River
  8. Blue Eyes And Codeine
  9. A Scar Called Hate
  10. Come Ride With Me
  11. The Rooster And The Crow
  12. Just A Drowning Man
  13. Rainin' In My Heart
  14. The Drugs In Your Veins
  15. Killer's Kiss

Band: Bain Wolfkind
Produkttyp: CD
Label: Hau Ruck
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