Abnormal Love

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Darkrad is the dark-industrial project of multi-talented artist Jana Komaritsa (known as JanaDark). Being the only member she realizes her deepest feelings, emotions and inner thoughts in it, creating gloomy surreal worlds with music, video, performances and arts. She is playing around the „absence of presence“, strengthened by vivid imagination, capturing the powerful penetrating Unknown, which we are both scared of and attracted by. Suppressed fears and sharp pain, perverted sexuality and inner psychosis, metaphysical essences and strong piercing feelings - these are the main topics of Darkrad.
The live performance of Darkrad is an ocean of feelings from the somber corners of the subconsciousness, which doesn’t suppress and turn off the emotions, but sharpen them to a sometimes frightening peak. Don’t miss that - and don’t miss this, the first album of Darkrad!
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