Artikelnummer: VOX_43_CD

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.05.2019

  • Matte-laminated 4-panel Digipak
  • 2 bonus tracks, not featured on the LP/Tape edition
  • Limited to 300 copies world wide

Cremator is the 7th LP by Vukovar and marks The First Death of the group: the ending of the Shades incarnation/incarceration.

Heavily featuring are Simon Morris of The Ceramic Hobs, also an author of grotesque (and often touching), confessional brilliance on Philip Best's Amphetamine Sulphate imprint. As well as Holly Hero; some-time performer of Smell & Quim and responsible for the production of their most vital work.

VUKOVAR formed in 2014 in a crumbling placefiller town in the North West of England and set about creating their own world within an otherworld. In their short yet eternal time, they have been relentlessly productive; ‘Cremator’ being the 7th full LP after their highly well-received previous 6: (‘Emperor', 'Voyeurism', 'Fornication', ‘Puritan’, ‘Infinitum’, ‘Monument’). They have had amongst their ranks Michael Cashmore (CURRENT 93 / NATURE & ORGANISATION), Rose McDowall (STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE / COIL / PSYCHIC TV / CURRENT 93 / DEATH IN JUNE / BOYD RICE AND FRIENDS), collaborated with 80's b-movie star Dawn Wildsmith, and actor, TV writer and man of all round good taste Graham Duff and others. This is an essential release by a group at the peak of their creative powers moving on ever forward in increasingly surprising ways.

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  1. Roma Invicta
  2. Love Meetings
  3. Internment By Mirrors
  4. Dive For Your Memory
  5. Prurient
  6. The Cold Lord (CD only track)
  7. Love's Provocations
  8. Perennials
  9. Voices/Seers/Voices
  10. The Orchids
  11. Tomorrow's Gone (CD only track)
  12. The River Of Three Crossings
  13. Decameron (Or 10 Days Of Violence)

Band: Vukovar
Produkttyp: CD
Label: Other Voices Records

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