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The Colossalist

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.11.2020
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Following the death of one of Theirselves, various failures and ever deepening reliances, VUKOVAR have finally emerged once more. With the disintegration of the old group, a new, stable line up - the NeuPopAct - have collided and colluded to here present ‘THE COLOSSALIST’, their 8th LP and part one of the Eternity Ends Here triptych; the most ambitious thing attempted by the group and the most wrapped in turmoil.

VUKOVAR have reunited with OTHER VOICES RECORDS, a label to match the group’s ambition, to bring out this first CD in a planned series of releases in collaboration with world renowned artist Andrzej Klimowski. 

VUKOVAR formed in a crumbling placefiller of a town in 2014. They were always dying and reorganized after cease to exist in 2019. Effete artists pretending to be northern hardcases pretending to be uniform fetishists in iconoclast drag. "Do not trust us; we are fragile stars."

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