God Blast America

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Erscheinungsdatum: 11.11.2011

Over nine years in the making, Tesco USA/NATO is pleased to announce that pre-orders are now being taken for the GOD BLAST AMERICA! DVD. GBA! was a three-day industrial music festival filmed September 28-30, 2002 at North Six in Brooklyn [now the Music Hall of Williamsburg], and the documentary DVD is scheduled for release on 11/11/11 at Public Assembly, directly next door to where it was filmed, as part of the Tesco USA 10th Anniversary Celebration. Approx. 230 minutes, NTSC, standard definition, comes in a DVD digipak. Limited to 500 copies. DO WEAR HEADPHONES. DO NOT WATCH IN ONE SITTING. WARNING: MAY CAUSE SEIZURES. RELEASE DATE: 11/11/11 GENRE: INDUSTRIAL, NOISE, POWER ELECTRONICS, DARK AMBIENT, MARTIAL, EXPERIMENTAL TRACK LISTING: All tracks filmed by James Elenidis and Nyle Cavazos Garcia All tracks recorded by Kenneth C. Brown ANENZEPHALIA -SIGNALGEBER -PROZAC PATROL A/V post-production by B. Moloch JANITOR -COMPLETE SET A/V post-production by Peter Andersson DER BLUTHARSCH -COMPLETE SET Audio post-production by Peter Andersson Video post-production by Jane Elizabeth BOCKSHOLM -COMPLETE SET Audio previously released on CD as "The Sound of Black Cloggs" [Tesco USA/NATO002] Video post-production by Peter Andersson CON-DOM -PORN EXCHANGE -TORCH -JUNK YOUTH -MOOR RAPIST A/V post-production by Peter Andersson GENOCIDE ORGAN -WE GROW -JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY A/V post-production by W. Herich SLOGUN -COMPLETE SET featuring guest vocals by Jonathan Canady Audio post-production by James Plotkin Video post-production by Jane Elizabeth OPERATION CLEANSWEEP -PAX AMERICA -BLOODFACE -TARPAT -NOVIS ORBIS TERRARUM -FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT A/V post-production by Jane Elizabeth DEUTSCH NEPAL -EXCERPTS A/V post-production by Peter Andersson

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  1. Anenzephalia– Signalgeber
  2. Anenzephalia– Prozac Patrol
  3. Janitor– Complete Set
  4. Der Blutharsch– Complete Set
  5. Bocksholm– Complete Set
  6. Con-Dom– Porn Exchange
  7. Con-Dom– Torch
  8. Con-Dom– Junk Youth
  9. Con-Dom– Moor Rapist
  10. Genocide Organ– We Grow
  11. Genocide Organ– John Birch Society
  12. Slogun– Complete Set
  13. Operation Cleansweep– Pax America
  14. Operation Cleansweep– Bloodface
  15. Operation Cleansweep– Tarpat
  16. Operation Cleansweep– Novis Orbis Terrarum
  17. Operation Cleansweep– Fuck Your Brains Out
  18. Deutsch Nepal– Excerpts

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Produkttyp: DVD
Label: Tesco USA Nato

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