12" Vinyl

Artikelnummer: VOX35LP

EAN: 710473193290

Erscheinungsdatum: 15.04.2021

Autopsia is a cult art project dealing with music and visual production. Its art practice began in London in the late 1970s and continued during the 1980s in the art centers of the former Yugoslavia. Since 1990, Autopsia has acted from Prague, Czech Republic.

Above all Autopsia is not concerned with music. What is Autopsia? Art? Theory? Framing? Projection? Gaze? Autopsia is language is image is sound. Autopsia is atombstone on the grave of time. Autopsia is archaeology. The discourse of the beginning and about the beginning. At the beginning is Death and the pity of Death. The music is in the pity.

Music of Autopsia oscillates from romanticism to avantgarde, from industrial rhythms and dark ambient drones to relentless choral swells and academic minimalism.

Autopsia Archive 1982-1995
Engineered & Mastered at Mustakillah Studio Prague, 2017

Kategorie: Vinyl


Lieferzeit: 5 - 6 Werktage


  1. Prologue (1995)
  2. Lebensherrgabe (1982)
  3. Weltuntergang Theme I (1990)
  4. Kristal (1991)
  5. Desires And Powers (1989)
  6. Archipelag (1987)
  7. Monster and Mad Point (1989)
  8. The Time of Pain and Time of Waiting (1990)
  9. Wltuntergang theme II (1989)

Band: Autopsia
Label: Other Voices Records
Produkttyp: 12" Vinyl
Besonderheit: limitiert
Farbe: Schwarz

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