Limitierte farbige Gatefold 2x12" Vinyl


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.09.2021

The Circle Music gibt stolz die Veröffentlichung von Ataraxias "Suenos" zum ersten Mal auf LP bekannt. "Suenos" wurde 2001 auf CD veröffentlicht und jetzt, 20 Jahre später, ehren wir dieses großartige Album - eines der besten Alben, das Ataraxia jemals veröffentlicht hat - indem wir es in zwei verschiedenen Luxurious Double Colored Gatefold LP-Editionen veröffentlichen: rotes Vinyl (Limitiert auf 250 Exemplare) und die zweite Auflage wird in blauem Vinyl (Limitiert auf 250 Exemplare). Neues Mastering und zwei Bonustracks, "Melisanda" & "Clytaemestra", von der Split-EP "In Amoris Mortisque", die 1995 zusammen mit "Engelsstaub" veröffentlicht wurde.

"Suenos" wird der erste Schritt auf einem langen Weg sein, den das Label "The Circle Music" in Bezug auf die glorreiche Vergangenheit von Ataraxia beschreiten wollen. Unser Ziel ist es, ihre wichtigsten Alben auf Vinyl zu veröffentlichen, also lassen Sie in Ihrer LP-Sammlung genug Platz für Ataraxia, eine der einflussreichsten und langlebigsten Bands, die uns seit drei Jahrzehnten ihre magischen musikalischen Melodien anbieten.

Format: doppel Gatefold fabiges Vinyl (250 Kopien)

Style: Neofolk, Medieval, Modern Classical

Statement from Ataraxia:


“Which were the dreams that, twenty years ago, brought us here and now? Which ones, those that, in twenty years in the future, will have drawn our present now and here? PARTI DE MAL, far from evil, a choral and decisive NO towards forces that keep us away from our dreams, then, to exorcise this time, we let ourselves free to dance a pagan dance called SADERALADON.

We are in the presence of BELLE JOLANDE, quintessence of Venus, Goddess of harmony and love that we honor until we find ourselves catapulted to card 1 of the tarots, IL BAGATTO, the one who has all the tools to “start” a work but he’s not moving yet.

We enter the second phase of the dream and journey, we get into the deep unconscious, the lucid dream, the feminine, the welcoming water.

MON AME SORCIERE, right now the soul begins creating, she becomes a witch, a prophetess and initiates her subtle action through portal 11, ELEVEN, the number of the door in deep contact with memory, MNEMOSINE, Titaness-Goddess of memories who leads us to get in touch with all what is waving, I LOVE EVERY WAVING THING.
We access the third phase, the masculine, the action of fire. Through sandy dunes, we reach a crossroad, ENCRUCIJADA, where does the dream lead us? To abandon all what is no longer useful, the burden of what denatures us physically, emotionally and spiritually (FUNERAL IN DATCA), we give it a worthy burial in order to access a sparkling, multicolored treasure (THE CORALS OF AQABA) allowing us to ascend to Mount Nemrut (NEMRUT DAGI) where we put the crown on our head, the return of the inner King, the quintessence, in dignity, beauty and love.
IN AMOR, the fourth step, in love and for love.
Lost love for the ones who did not have the courage to live it, to devote themselves to it, to open their own hearts as in the song CLYTAEMESTRA; and the glorious love embodied by MELISANDA, protagonist of the alchemical wedding, an iridescent soul dancing a round dance that rejoins the one of SADERALADON in a spiral that rises by an octave.
We had the ardor to dream and the dream came true.
The dream is all what has been, is and will be as time is only a dimension of space and each space travels parallel to another in a multidimensional matrix where everything is possible if we sing it.


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