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It's Alive!

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Date of release: 28.09.2012

Thunder growls through the night like a starving wolf. Lightning rips the sky, clads the castle in a piercing glow for a matter of split seconds. Heavy rain is falling like lead, drums on the roof of the highest tower. There is still light glowing in the topmost chamber the flutter of countless candles. Deformed shadows creep across the walls, sizzling, boiling and crackling sounds emerge into the night. An electric blow whips through the darkness, followed by a dull sound. A crooked figure appears at the window, raises its arms into the air. 'It's ALIVE!' it screams.
This time we duly have to pay: Santa Hates You YOU steered to the coast and left their pirate ship behind. After their adventures under 'Jolly Roger' the Electro buccaneers are about to devastate the land and brought monstrous reinforcements with them. Their latest onslaught upon mankind, society and morals goes by the name 'It's ALIVE!' and starts as spooky as one would expect from a horror movie done by professor Jinxy and her murderous sidekick Peter Spilles. A horror show in full grandeur, a declaration for a new world, a manifest for true fighting spirit and free will, expertly shrouded in an alchemistic Electro gourmet cuisine, crispy breaded with thrashing insanity and bare facts. But nobody would have expected something else: Wherever Santa Hates You YOU emerge, any form of social conventions, rules and laws are simply brushed aside.

Already the opener 'Independence' is a weapon of epic proportions: With its marching beats, hectic melodies and harsh vocals, the duo declares its own independence and delivers a hymn to uniqueness in passing. Sexists and racists get their deserved share in 'Scum' and 'How To Create A Monster' is an irresistible piece of electronic dance music energetic, epic and more seducing than KIRLIAN CAMERA. More consequent than ever, Peter Spilles and Jinxy play their various trump cards, sometimes flirt with dark Industrial Electro, sometimes with contemporary club sounds and create a new being in the fluttering reverberation of stroboscope light an invincible colossus of electronic sounds that will cause fear and terror in the world under its moniker 'It's ALIVE!'.

There are those with money and those with weapons. Santa Hates You YOU need neither the one nor the other to march into a new world at the head of an army. With 'It's ALIVE!' they planted the foundation of a new Electro world order, of a new self-conception of being different. And their battle cry will spare no one.

CD in A5 format in a precious slipcase, 24 pages booklet and precious art print on selected high-quality.

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1. In The Laboratory
2. Independence
3. Scum
4. How To Create A Monster
5. Rise!
6. Are You Scared?
7. Fight Truth Decay
8. Slightly Dead
9. Skeletal Parade
10. It's Alive!

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