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For the die-hard fans!

The new limited CD plus a wonderful t-shirt of the leading Dark Electro band.

Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE lettering and tightrope walker

Slogan and Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE logo

White on black t-shirt

100% cotton

  • Elaborately designed hardback picture book
  • 36 pages, 17 x 25cm approx
  • High-grade art print on high-quality art paper
  • Special matt lamination on all printed parts
  • Black front and rear endpapers
  • Includes all lyrics
  • With exclusive artwork
  • Three exclusive bonus tracks
  • Strictly limited to 2000 copies

What if fate would not rest in our hands? What if we would not be responsible for our decisions? What if someone else, an unknown force, would hold the threads of our life? What would you do? What would we all do?

Life is a constant walk on a tightrope. No one is more aware of this fact than Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE, the often imitated forerunners in the field of electronic Gothic. A band that has been through more ups and downs than most others, that highly influenced a whole genre, created countless epigones, a band that has been carried high up into the mainstream with sincere art and that has gone back to where it all started by their own choice: Into the Gothic scene. Into the realms of dark, sinfonic, tragic Electro. By their own choice? Or was it fate all over again meddling in their affairs?

Fate is also dominating the all-new Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE record. On "Drahtseilakt", all that this band ever stood for comes together to form an opus whose dramatic density, whose all-engrossing tragic and masterful dramaturgy can only be compared with a Greek tragedy. After years of absence from the stages, after a long silence and the unspoken fears concerning the end of this project follows this liberating coup of monumental electronic art, a record that entirely rules out coincidence. It was fate that brought Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer back together. It was fate that made "Drahtseilakt" an Electro opus as creative and influential as their immortal "In einer Zukunft aus Tränen und Stahl".

Behind the strongly symbolic title ("Drahtseilakt" meaning "a walk on the tightrope"),Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE tell stories of sorrow and solitude, but also of power and courage, framed by the Moirai, the Greek goddesses of fate. Hidden from the eyes of the world they weave fate into our world and determine every single way of life. And in terms of Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE, they did an excellent job: "Drahtseilakt" is the unquestionable peak of a career spanning almost 20 years, and the final proof that letting loose may be the best option at times. Epic, electronic, eternal - never was this band better.

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  1. Erste Schritte
  2. Sag mir wann
  3. Eye Of The Storm
  4. My Memory
  5. Komm zu mi
  6. Sehnsucht
  7. Warum
  8. Ich fang Dich auf
  9. Drown Them
  10. Tauch mich in Dein Licht
  11. Einsamkeit
  12. Drown Them (Rotersand Remix)
  13. Ich fang Dich auf (Gregor Beyerle Remix)
  14. Eye Of The Storm (Nachtmahr Remix)

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