The Bad Boyz from Berlin doesnt need any...


The Bad Boyz from Berlin doesnt need any introduction, at least in the Dark Scene. Since 2003 the Founder of Hellektro are rocking the Dancefloors and Stages all over the World with the motto "There is Blood on the Floor". Clubhits like "Koprolalie", "Femme Fatale", "Bis das Blut gefriert", "Staatsfeind", "Glaubenskrieger" and many more made them one of the Top Bands of the Dark Electro Scene and there is no way around them. You love them or hate them, but Agonoize are Different, Loud and hardly know any boundaries. But still they never lost their sense for selfironie, you just will have to read between the lines sometimes.
In October 2019 they released they're new record "Midget Vampire Porn". At fantotal you get the exclusive merchandise.