Anleitung Zum Totsein

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  • Date of release: 01.07.2011
The master of symphonic gothic music, the undisputed king of German fairytale-metal is back - Alexander Kaschte presents a new studio album by his controversial band Samsas Traum.

The last three Samsas Traum releases were rather experimental in nature: with the black metal hurricane 'Heiliges Herz', the intimate acoustic 'Wenn schwarzer Regen' and the death 'n' roll birthday release '13 Jahre lang dagegen - Anti bis zum Tod' (which doesn't count as an official release), the 'Käferkönig' materialised firing on all cylinders. The latest album 'Anleitung zum Totsein' returns to the band's roots and skilfully combines all of the Samsas Traum motifs into a thrilling and intense hour of music. Bombastic orchestration collides with massive walls of guitars and violent bass attacks interweave with deadly accurate drum salvos to form a homogenous whole which lays the foundations for Kaschte's inimitable singing and vocal acrobatics.

Whether sensitive and tender, bold and brutal, infernally screeching or with stirring choirs, on 'Anleitung zum Totsein' the 'master of a thousand voices' undoubtably makes the dreams of fans old and new alike come true. On this disc, which can be construed as a concept album about death, Kaschte's lyrics are once again formidable, due to the authentic German lyricism and poignant poetry. Kaschte's words begin where the language of other bands ends. His music tests the boundaries of his audience. The intensity of his works leaves his contemporaries far behind.

On 'Anleitung zum Totsein' Kaschte once again receives musical support from the lightning-fingered Luca Princiotta (Doro) and Stephan 'Gudze' Hinz (H-Blockx) - both instrumentalists of the highest standard and masters in their fields. Furnished with a production which will blow the dust out of the hintermost crannies in the cellar, 'Anleitung zum Totsein' will, as surely as eggs is eggs, be celebrated in the appropriate scene clubs as it produces four club hits. 'Durch die Wand der Träume', 'Im Zeichen des Wurms', 'Betet für mich' and 'Den Wolken näher' will proclaim Kaschte's return to joyful patrons on dancefloors throughout the land. THE DREAM IS NOT YET OVER!
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