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Asen'ka - Ein Märchen für Kinder und solche...

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It's a long time since Samsas Traum cast a spell over us with a concept album: one with an interrelated story that transports us away from reality; with delightful, peculiar characters and with music and lyrics from another world that leave us entranced. After the albums 'Tineoidea' and 'a.Ura', both of which were greatly acclaimed in the scene, the band ran creative riot upon the killing fields of symphonic (black) metal, neofolk and death'n'roll all battles which brought Samsas Traum high chart positions and well-deserved recognition. However, in the minds of their fans, a big question remained unanswered: when will the (in)famous storyteller Alexander Kaschte, who resides in the Brothers Grimm-like town of Marburg, once again carry us off into the abyss of his soul with a new fairytale? Will he ever again grant us a glimpse of that nebulous imagery from the depths of his imagination? The answer that many hadn't reckoned with is:

Yes and indeed now.

With 'Asen'ka - Ein Märchen für Kinder und solche, die es werden wollen', Kaschte releases his most opulent piece of musical storytelling to date and over the course of 77 bombastic minutes fleet-footedly combines all of the characteristics which go to make up a Samsas Traum album. Precise drumming, driving bass and massive walls of guitars lay the foundation for grandiose orchestral sounds and Alexander Kaschte's extraordinary voice, which evokes all of the spirits and entities that it is possible to conjure up. Whether with hymnal chanting, sacral choirs, bloodcurdling cries or deep choral speaking on 'Asen'ka', Alexander Kaschte leads the listener to the very limit of his power of imagination. He leads him into the kingdom of fables and myths; into a world where everything is possible but where also the impossible can happen. Matching the toughness of previous works and with musical ruthlessness at the forefront, 'Asen'ka' captivates by means of beautiful, to-die-for melodies and elaborate dynamics which help provide the album with an incomparable emotionality, a moving authenticity and extraordinary quiet, eery moments moments which fans of the band have been waiting for for years. It could justifiably be asserted that 'Asen'ka' is Kaschte's best album to date. It is a certainty that the band's fans will undeniably come to this conclusion.

In order to realize an opus such as 'Asen'ka', proficient allies and expert support are needed. Considering the quality of the most recent releases it is no surprise that Kaschte once more got Michael Beck (drums) and Luca Princiotta (guitar) on board. The renowned Fascination Street Studio in Örebro are responsible for the crystal clear and forceful production, with André Alvinzi and Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Ihsahn, Paradise Lost etc) at the controls. Kaschte received vocal support from the exceptional Latvian talent Vic Anselmo - these is the first female guest vocal to appear on a Samsas Traum for some years. The artwork originated from the pen of Anastasia Kaschte, who, in her incomparable post-Soviet style, provided the album 'Anleitung zum Todsein' with its morbid beauty. 'Asen'ka' benefits from her enchanting fairytale illustrations.
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