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Alexander Kaschte has many faces - for some years he has been making mischief in the international gothic and metal underworld with his band Samsas Traum. Although his death-industrial project has up to now been notorious for gruesome, nerve-wracking adventures in noise, Weena Morloch now surprise us with a complete album of 'normal' but no less insane music. In the style of the legendary dancefloor stormer 'Kugel im Gesicht' Kaschte pummels our ears with eleven killer tracks which have it all!

Just as 'Wenn ich einmal groß bin' and the hypnotic 'Ein Lied, Dich zu töten' will repeatedly give the tormented listener the creeps, there will be nobody who, even with the onset of rigor mortis, couldn't resist shaking a leg to 'Die Nacht der stumpfen Messer', the club anthem 'Herz und Faust', the driving 'Kaputt!', to 'Alarm' or the alluring 'Disko-Vampir'. Jagged, driving digital guitars join forces with pulsating electronics; swirling EBM bass enters into an unholy alliance with spirited industrial elements and collaborates with a deathly bass drum which mercilessly slashes bloody wounds in the ears of the listener.

Weena Morloch are pure musical kamikaze, and that is also reflected in this outlandish combo's lyrics, which deal with a drowning girl, the Red Army Faction, the transportation of radioactive material, women in the second world war, book-burning children and sex in nightclub toilets.

No-one understands the interplay between insanity, political realities and social criticism as well as Alexander Kaschte does. The CD is presented with lavish and extremely morbid artwork. Matthias Bäuerle's digital images show Alexander Kaschte as a zombie dripping with blood, looking as if he came straight out of a Lucio Fulci film. This is 'beauty boy' Kaschte as you have never had chance to see him before! Lend your ears to Weena Morloch - although we can't guarantee that they will remain attached to your wretched skulls!Weena-Morloch-Amok
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