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  • Date of release: 31.01.2020

Our world lies in ruins. There is scarcely anything left of our ideals, our hopes and dreams. The dancefloors have been evacuated, and our utopia is now a nightmare. 

Still, in a time of turmoil and of struggles, such an era of fear always is a time for new heroes. A time for rays of light to pierce even the darkest clouds. The latest NACHTMAHR release, 'Flamme' ('flame'), is just such a lightbringer; the realisation of a vision long held by Imperial Industrial commander, Thomas Rainer.

NACHTMAHR, as is rather unnecessary to mention at this point, is dominance turned into music. A symbol of superiority with beats instead of marching troops, with deeds instead of empty words. That's only one side of NACHTMAHR, though. With 'Flamme', Thomas Rainer proves beyond a doubt that he can be victorious in battle even without the merciless stomp of Imperial Industrial, and that it's not always the loudest and harshest sounds that can secure the throne. Carried by a subversive, revolutionary aura inherent to Rainer's work, he strips away the electronic armour some of his biggest triumphs, most epic anthems and whipping declarations of war, and enrobes them in garments woven of reactionary, monumental martial folk.

What is special - or even uncanny - is that none of these songs lose even the tiniest bit of their substance, epic grandeur, or intriguing denseness. Instead, they gain an altogether new, enigmatic and moving quality when reduced in instrumentation to only two guitars, two voices and percussion. 'Flamme' proves that NACHTMAHR is not only a world leader in all things Imperial Industrial, but also a project which is able to compose songs that will last for eternity, the sort of stirring anthems which have the power to bring about change. Long in planning, and even longer wished for, 'Flamme' has been brought to life with an outpouring of heartfelt blood and passion that is a trademark in all of Rainer's releases.

'Flamme' is a monument of seditious neofolk, a vigil for a burning world... and a pure and intimate incarnation that rises above all other works.

This is for him - this is for us.

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