God Blast America

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  • Date of release: 11.11.2011
Over nine years in the making, Tesco USA/NATO is pleased to announce that pre-orders are now being taken for the GOD BLAST AMERICA! DVD. GBA! was a three-day industrial music festival filmed September 28-30, 2002 at North Six in Brooklyn [now the Music Hall of Williamsburg], and the documentary DVD is scheduled for release on 11/11/11 at Public Assembly, directly next door to where it was filmed, as part of the Tesco USA 10th Anniversary Celebration. Approx. 230 minutes, NTSC, standard definition, comes in a DVD digipak. Limited to 500 copies. DO WEAR HEADPHONES. DO NOT WATCH IN ONE SITTING. WARNING: MAY CAUSE SEIZURES. RELEASE DATE: 11/11/11 GENRE: INDUSTRIAL, NOISE, POWER ELECTRONICS, DARK AMBIENT, MARTIAL, EXPERIMENTAL TRACK LISTING: All tracks filmed by James Elenidis and Nyle Cavazos Garcia All tracks recorded by Kenneth C. Brown ANENZEPHALIA -SIGNALGEBER -PROZAC PATROL A/V post-production by B. Moloch JANITOR -COMPLETE SET A/V post-production by Peter Andersson DER BLUTHARSCH -COMPLETE SET Audio post-production by Peter Andersson Video post-production by Jane Elizabeth BOCKSHOLM -COMPLETE SET Audio previously released on CD as "The Sound of Black Cloggs" [Tesco USA/NATO002] Video post-production by Peter Andersson CON-DOM -PORN EXCHANGE -TORCH -JUNK YOUTH -MOOR RAPIST A/V post-production by Peter Andersson GENOCIDE ORGAN -WE GROW -JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY A/V post-production by W. Herich SLOGUN -COMPLETE SET featuring guest vocals by Jonathan Canady Audio post-production by James Plotkin Video post-production by Jane Elizabeth OPERATION CLEANSWEEP -PAX AMERICA -BLOODFACE -TARPAT -NOVIS ORBIS TERRARUM -FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT A/V post-production by Jane Elizabeth DEUTSCH NEPAL -EXCERPTS A/V post-production by Peter Andersson
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