Island of the Dead

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  • Category: SOPOR AETERNUS
  • Date of release: 29.02.2020

1. Box

  • Packaged in a folded box, printed in colour inside and out
  • Hand-packed
  • Hand-numbered
  • Hand-glued
  • Additional hand lettering
  • Foil sealed by hand

2. Box contents

2.1. 'Haunted Library' CD edition

  • Box made from card that has been completely impregnated with black, with drawer opening (similar to a matchbox, but bigger and square)
  • Completely glued by hand, and artificially aged by hand, for that individual 'worn out through years of use' look
  • Hand-numbered on the back
  • Special black CD designed to look like a vinyl record
  • CD in sturdy pocket (printed on both sides)
  • Square 24-page lyric booklet (contains all song lyrics)
  • Additional 16-page square booklet (listing all those involved, incorporated in Anna-Varney's atmospheric 'Island of the Dead' artwork)
  • Four folded, square mini-posters (printed both sides), featuring photos of Anna-Varney in the visual world of cult artworker Heilemania
  • Wrapped in tissue paper
  • Hand-packed

2.2. 'Abschied' sigil:

  • Round pendant featuring 'Abschied' sigil
  • In antique silver look and with black enamelling
  • 3cm diameter
  • Hand-packaged in a folded box printed inside and out

2.3. Certificate

  • Certificate card, hand-numbered and signed

3. Limited editions

  • The 'Haunted Library' CD edition is limited to 499 copies worldwide
    • 427 copies as part of the 'Green Horror Box'
    • 72 copies as part of the 'Death Box'
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