Limited Collector’s Set: DigiCD plus Hardcover Buch
Letztes Licht

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Date of release: 25.01.2019

For all diehard fans: The new Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE mini-album in a digipak that also includes a brilliantly illustrated book.

Star photographer from the scene Achim Webel (ASP, Oswald Henke, Sopor Aeternus, ROME, Samsas Traum and many more) photographed Sonja Kraushofer and Thomas Rainer in their home city Vienna - and created a remarkable work that provides rare glimpses of the artists. These otherwise unseen photographs show the two artists in private, in the studio, in Vienna. And among all that black and white, a nostalgic world in colour.

'Letztes Licht' also collects previously unpublished artwork photos by Torsten Geyer and all the lyrics from the mini-album bearing the same name, which demonstrate Thomas Rainer's outstanding abilities as a lyricist too. Song lyrics as poetry or poetry as song lyrics? But always poetry that strikes right at the heart of truth.


  • Elaborately designed hardback picture book
  • 48 pages, 21 x 21 cm approx
  • High-grade art print on high-quality art paper
  • With durable thread stitching
  • Black headband


  • Digipak edition


  • Sturdy, premium chromo board
  • Hand-numbered 
  • Signed by Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer

Limited edition

  • The set is only available by pre-order
  • The number of copies in the limited edition will be made known at the end of the pre-order period.


For more than 22 years now, Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE have been enriching us with their deep, sensual cascades of sound, full of spellbinding emotional worlds, melancholy and consuming passion. No other band comes even remotely close to forging important topics such as death, parting and forgetting into such an aesthetic, artistic form as this Vienna duo has been doing since they very first got together.

Protagonists Sonja Kraushofer and Thomas Rainer touch us once again with an emotional journey into the depths of their soul. Recordings for Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE's most recent masterpiece 'Hinter dem Horizont' were completed in autumn 2017, with the album being released in January 2018. "At the start of this year we toured the album and presented the songs live, whereby a relatively large proportion of the new songs wormed their way into our setlist and above all into our hearts," reveals Sonja. "We revived them anew at every concert, reinterpreting them and discovering more in them than was actually apparent during the actual studio recordings. They have become a part of us," reflects the woman with the epic voice, allowing her thoughts to wander: "On stage, a piece of the present, on the album a piece of the past, so why not have them accompany us for a little into the future...?"

And that's what they'll do - in the form of an enchanting EP. As a line in the song 'Last night' goes, "It's extremely difficult to let go of memories." So Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE decided to round off 'Hinter dem Horizont' both visually and musically with the EP 'Letztes Licht'. Some new songs came into being, which walk the tightrope between hope and longing, but the classic 'Fear' was also worked up, rearranged and recorded in an electronic version, in order to assume its live character. "What's more, we also had musician friends remix or cover some of the older songs that have constantly accompanied us over the years," adds Sonja.

With 'Letztes Licht', which was produced by Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg (ROTERSAND), Search Results Web results L'ME IMMORTELLE embark on a journey dedicated to those special, unforgettable sequences of their history, but which at the same time also represents a dynamic step forwards.


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  1. Letztes Licht (classic version)
  2. Letztes Licht (album version)
  3. The Spell (exclusive track)
  4. In meinen Träumen (exclusive track)
  5. Fear (re-recorded 2018)
  6. Letztes Licht (remix by BLUE MAY ROSE)
  7. Judgement (remix by SOMAN)
  8. Fallen Angel (cover by COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDRÉA)
  9. Demon be gone (cover by DUNKELSUCHT feat. CHELSEY SCHILL)
  10. Lake of tears (cover by EQUINOX DIVINE)
  11. Ich gab dir alles (remix by 18 SUMMERS)

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