limitierte 5x12" Vinyl Box
Per Aspera Ad Aspera - This Is Gothic Novel Rock

Item number: TRI_498_LP

EAN: 4260063944987

Date of release: 26.09.2014

  • Classy black 5x12" vinyl (180g audiophile vinyl)
  • Mastered for vinyl
  • Nine rare bonus tracks
    --Two brandnew ASP songs
    --New ASP studio-cover-version of "Man Of Constant Sorrow"
    --Two unreleased live songs including "I Don't Wanna Be Me" (sought-after TYPE O NEGATIVE-Cover)
  • 32 pages, 30 x 30cm approx
  • Printed inner sleeves
  • Sturdy box with lid
  • Hand-numbered
  • Strictly limited to 499 copies worldwide
  • "15 years ASP! He invited to a masquerade, he opened his Dark Tower, he locked us into a mill with Krabat, he crawled from his cocoon: Asp Spreng is an artist with many faces. A man holding the mirror up to us while hiding behind a mask at the same time, a genius incredibly talented in kindling musical candles for this world of darkness. The true identity of the man behind the mask, the identity of him responsible for all these songs, the identity of the phantom lurking deep down in our own imagination, however, is secondary. It is his art that counts. It is the works he brought us. It is the music that will remain.

    Everything he creates is pervaded by a morbid and romantic spell imminent to the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, H.P. Lovecraft or Lord Byron. Equally effective, this architect of Gothic Novel Rock designs horribly beautiful cathedrals of dark music since the last breaths of the former millennium, painting sublime castles in the sky with dark clouds and continually burns himself to ashes in the reverberation of his own possession. For possessed he is, possessed by his visions, his art, possessed by his words and notes. Sometimes, genius and maniac and irrevocably chained together. To grasp the meaning of this, however, it needs a compendium like "Per Aspera Ad Aspera ? This Is Gothic Novel Rock". 15 years of musical borderlining proving one thing despite all the Memento Mori imagery: There is beauty in abhorrence, there is light in the shadows.

    Nothing is left to coincidence. This holds for every second, for every word in the songs of this sombre poet as well as for his uniquely touching concerts. And it certainly holds for the title of this special anthology: Near to the Latin proverb "Per aspera ad astra" ("Through toil to the stars"), Asp speaks about the struggle each and every one of us has to fight every day. Sometimes, only toil comes after toil. Asp, however, will never surrender. A world view like this for a black-clad Gothic by heart? That's because is no life-negating misanthropist as followers of the Gothic genres are often and wrongly stigmatized. He is an artist melting melancholy and black romanticism into a poetic, aesthetic view of the world that shows plenty of optimism especially in the close connection between him and his audience."

    - Björn Springorum (Orkus / Metal Hammer)

    This anthology is bacchanaly beautiful like a Gothic Novel of the 19th century and clad in a magnificent folio. Two records share a total duration of almost 160 minutes ? well, a look at the first 15 years certainly takes some time. Despite its potential for haunting melodies, this collection of musical short stories is not to be seen as your ordinary best of, but more as a blend of some of ASP's most prominent pieces of musical poetry.

    And what's coming after that? The stars? Or even more toil? Join us and we will find out.

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    Tracklisting LP#1:
    Zaubererbruder (Album Version feat. Eric Fish)
    Die Löcher in der Menge (Edit)
    Sing Child (Horror Vacui Version)
    Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (Single Version)
    Schwarzer Schmetterling (Live Version)

    Tracklisting LP#2:
    Wer sonst? (Einhorn Radio Edit feat. Micha Rhein)
    Stille der Nacht [Ein Weihnachtsmärchen] (Horror Vacui Version)
    Denn ich bin der Meister
    Und wir tanzten [Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe]
    Die Kreatur mit der stählernen Maske (Edit)
    Werben (Horror Vacui Version)
    Ich will brennen (Horror Vacui Version)

    Tracklisting LP#3:
    Die Ballade von der Erweckung
    Wanderer (Plakat Abmischung)
    Eisige Wirklichkeit (Contra Uermes Version)
    FremdkörPerson erstens (Erster Abschnitt)
    Me (Video Edit 2.0)
    Per aspera ad aspera (Langes Elend Schnitt)

    Tracklisting LP#4:
    Carpe noctem
    :Duett [Minnelied der Incubi]
    Kokon (Live Version)
    Rücken an Rücken (Stripped Down Piano Version)
    Mein Herz erkennt dich immer (Feat. Elisabeth Pawelke)
    Unverwandt (Regentropfen-Fassung
    performed by Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern)
    Schwarzes Blut (Club Version)
    How far would you go? [The 6th of September] (Single Version)

    Tracklisting LP#5:
    Sündige Heilige
    Sanctus Benedictus (Doppelgänger Cover Version by The 69 Eyes)
    I don't wanna be me (Live
    M'era Luna 2013)
    ÜberHärte (Live GeistErfahrer-Tour 2012)
    Man of Constant Sorrow
    Schneefall in der Hölle (PerspekTief Version by Spielbann)
    Schwarzes Blut (Eisbrecher Neuschnitt)
    Die vielen Jahre (Written and performed by Asp Spreng & Vincent Sorg)

    Produkt: limitierte 5x12" Vinyl Box
    Band: ASP
    Label: Trisol

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