7" Vinyl

Fuck The Punk Police

  • SKU: TRI_748_LP
  • GTIN: 4260063947483
  • Category: Vinyl
  • Date of release: 01.04.2022
  • Black 40g 7" vinyl
  • High quality, super-audiophile disc - German pressing!
  • Sturdy cardboard sleeve
  • Reverse board printed cover
  • Strictly limited to 500 copies

THE SKINFLICKS strike back, and boy do they ever!

This uppercut aimed at the all-too-politically correct self-proclaimed punk rock moral elite shows where the band is really at. THE SKINFLICKS couldn't celebrate their comeback with a ballsier move!

25 years after first appearing on the scene, they are back to tackle those scene gurus and inquisitors who find fault in all fun and only end up further dividing our beloved scene, which has always been under attack from the outside enough as it is! ...and nothing punk about cancel culture! So, yeah - fuck the punk police and all the damage they do! Fuck the "us against them" mentality inside the scene!

This single delivers a strong SKINFLICKS anthem, as singalong as it is uncomfortable. It says what needed to be said a long time ago and dares to go where many wishy-washy "punk" bands would never tread. Punk rock, streetpunk, Oi!, like rock'n'roll in general, should not be comfortable and safe, but honest and straightforward.

The growling bass, the raw guitars, the pounding drums in this 80-ies style live studio recording immediately set the sound and stage for Jeromes' "from a whisper to a scream" vocals and there can be no doubt that this vitriol is heartfelt, honest and obviously overdue. The "B" side of this 7" presents a classic of the band, “Stick Yer Disco Up Yer Arse“, in its recently recorded new version.

Both songs spew the anger at different aspects of underground culture and make up two undeniable hymns in streetpunk history.

Fuck the Punk Police!

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