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Paradize 2069

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At home in the buzzing and relentless cyberspace like no other electro project, Extize truly stirred up the electro scene in the previous year. With provocative singles like 'Gothic Pussy' or the futuristic nightmares on the debut 'FallOut Nation' the German-French friendship unmistakably clarified that their music, however convincing, is far from everything these neon-colored dancefloor terrorists have to offer - no matter whether on stage, in the clubs or in the homes of the swelling ranks of followers.
Since Extize fired their first ear-piercing EP 'Hellektrostar' through the guts of the dark club culture, the Hellectro prophets had not a single minute to rest: Constantly working on their very unique vision of pulsating cyberspace universes, they always walked the thin red line between wry provocation and massive club fodder - a mission now facing its temporary climax: With the double album 'Paradize 2069', Extize ultimately enter the futuristic cosmos of their songs and shows and dive so very deep into the cyberspace that a return to this reality gets more and more unlikely with each passing track.

What's remarkable: 'Paradize 2069' is thoroughly based on an elaborate Science Fiction story written by the band itself whose coldly menacing cyberspace aura provides the stage for the furious hymns of this second album and which will be made available as an audio book digitally - free of charge! Held in a post-apocalyptic tenor, 'Paradize 2069' tells the story of the hacker and data collector Ace who spends his days solely in digital cyberspace universes. He encounters the both tempting and enigmatic dancer Mira in a club and gets infected by a killer virus through the plug in his head soon after. A cyberspace race against death and for humanity commences, adequately driven by hyperactive beat monsters and harsh bass attacks.

Endtime Electro, Terror Trance and Insane Industrial gather to form an explosive sound cocktail epitomizing relentless club culture on chapter one ('Hell') and trademark beat cascades with surprisingly calm moments on the second CD ('Heaven'). Both works get united by the utopian and yet realistic background story that is present throughout the songs. Comparable to a good book, the cyber disciples Extize took great care that the 30 tracks (among them remixes by Straftanz, Helalyn Flowers, Frozen Plasma and others) never lack the dynamics elementary for creating the dramaturgy worthy of such a concept. Thus, 'Paradize 2069' became a fatally danceable and familiarly flashy as well as an extremely profound and contemporary masterpiece that sounds as if Philip K. Dick popped a few pills and then invented Electro. Extize are the kings of Cyberelectro 2.0!

This first edition is strictly limited to 999 copies only!

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