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Can You Feel The Beat?

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  • Date of release: 21.10.2011

Every army is only as strong as each separate soldier. No one is more aware of that than Supreme Commander and Beat General Thomas Rainer who gathered an international fan army around him that is more than ready to follow NACHTMAHR into battle. The name of the last studio album 'Semper Fidelis' ('Always faithful') has long since become the creed of the Imperial Industrial destroyer - an oath reaching entirely new dimensions with the EP 'Can You Feel The Beat?'.

Having only recently returned to the Austrian grounds from a triumphal campaign in Australia, the imperialistic propaganda machinery already is under full steam again - as usual. The remix competition surrounding the bone dry EBM tribute 'Can You Feel The Beat?' caused a worldwide uproar and resulted in an impressive total of 97 contributions from far and wide - a worthy monument for the boiling Electro underground on this planet. The two victorious remix warriors Dirty Bird 13 and Population now have the honor to ride into the NACHTMAHR remix battle alongside such long-running and prestigious heavyweights such as Grendel, Suicide Commando or X-RX.

Faithful to the self-explanatory lyrics of the relentlessly marching title track, the 13 songs of the brimful EP sweep trough the clubs like a storm - among them three entirely new songs that push the NACHTMAHR army ever deeper into enemy territories: The massively stomping '(Wo ist) Dein Gott?' ('Where is your God?'), 'Geräuschplatten' with its mercilessly firing beats, harsh sequences and brilliant samples, as well as 'Nenn' mich wie du willst', a track continuing Thomas Rainer's preference of provocative cover versions that is cladding the original song of a still highly debated German Rock band in an energetic Electro outfit.

The remaining ten tracks are all under the sign of visionary remix skills. Four times, 'Can You Feel The Beat?' gets torn apart and stitched together again - heavy as iron and groovy by Dirty Bird 13, hyperactive and courageous by Population who both prove that their original and unique versions can stand their ground even besides Grendel and Uberbyte. Additionally, also Suicide Commando, X-RX or Patrick Damiani (ex-Rome) take on the imperial quest and show themselves more than ready to apply the remix crowbar.

With a playing time outgunning most studio albums, brand new material once again demonstrating the outstanding position of the Industrial Dominators and a heavily armed remix brigade, 'Can You Feel The Beat?' is nothing less than a bass-laden defence of the troupe's superior standing again confirming Thomas Rainer in his role as the beat-possessed Tanzdiktator. He who doesn't feel this beat is long dead.

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