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Scheiden tut Weh

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"Scheiden tut weh" is released as a limited edition hardcover digibook featuring a 20-page booklet. As well as all the lyrics, this also includes illustrations by the Indonesian designer Septian Fajrianto. Each copy"s hot foil numbering makes this album a coveted collector"s item that should be present in every SAMSAS TRAUM collection. Strictly limited to 3,333 copies worldwide.

Many bands are fond of unearthing dusty old songs in their cupboards, which are then given a release years after being recorded, either on new releases or on rarities collections. However, it"s not very often that complete albums, which at some point become forgotten, come to see the light of day. SAMSAS TRAUM, the musical extremists based around author and storyteller Alexander Kaschte, have recently unearthed just such a disc. At the time it was recorded, it was agreed that it had no viability whatsoever, but they have now dedicated themselves to giving this material a deserved airing. Quite a few people might have expected this of SAMSAS TRAUM, but that"s only the half of it: Fans supported the venture to the tune of a whopping ¤171,000 via a crowdfunding campaign.

Old wine in new bottles? Wrong! "Scheiden tut weh", as this rediscovered masterpiece is titled, comprises 12 songs that were all recorded at the time of the samsaric black metal epic "Heiliges Herz - Das Schwert deiner Sonne". However, due to their hymnal and invigorating character, they were swept under the carpet at the time. When listening to the material today, you cannot but help get the impression that, all those eleven years ago, they didn"t make the smartest archiving decision. The music is fresh and brazen, epic and boisterous, and the lyrics are razor sharp. But "Scheiden tut weh" would also have fit in well earlier in SAMSAS TRAUM"s career. While frontal attacks such as "Parasitenfotze" and "Ich bin der Antichrist" blow everything away, numbers such as "Mein bleicher Wolf" and "Dafür sind Helden da" strike more epic tones. "Bis in alle Ewigkeit" and the title track "Scheiden tut weh" both have the nature of hits, and are certain to become crowdpleasers at future concerts.

The exceptional talent that is Michael "Cain" Beck hammers away on the drums as usual, and Gerrit Wolf from JOVIAN SPIN can be heard on bass. Luca Princiotta was once more brought on board for the guitar solos. He has been working with SAMSAS TRAUM for nearly ten years now, and otherwise appears on stage with the German rock singer Doro Pesch.

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