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Arschloch EP

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Alert! Arsehole alert! Repeat: arsehole alert!
For four years now, the French/German quartet Extize have been properly stirring things up in the scene with their dancefloor anthems, whether in the clubs, live on stage or on the CD and MP3 players of Extize fans around the globe. The self-styled 'arseholes' have caused quite a stir with their tongue-in-cheek, provocative songs and are set to build upon this with their new work as they once again demonstrate to the world how great it is to be an arsehole. With the 'Arschloch EP' (English: 'Arsehole EP') Extize once more present themselves to the club frontline, ready to throw new meat into the jaws of the dance-hungry masses.2011's masterpiece concept album 'Paradize 2069' told the story, set far in the future, of the hacker Ace and the agent Mira. But now, Extize beam themselves directly back to the present day with their 'Arschloch EP'.With the 'Arschloch EP', the band once more provide the scene with up-to-date club sounds and at the same time return directly to their roots - straight to the dancefloors. Leading the way is the club hit 'Arschloch Alarm', which ought not to be missing from any DJ playlist.The four electro freaks from Extize take the cybergoth club sound of the moment into account in other ways as well and prove once again that they don't merely follow trends, but define them anew. The hyperactive mix of hard electro, tech-industrial, trance and dubstep brings new spark to the scene's dusty dancefloors.The 'Arschloch EP' offers a whole five new songs from Extize, upon which the four-member arsehole team totally devote themselves to the topic of the record. Whether as man-eating 'Kannibale' (English: 'cannibal'), making fun of the 'Gothic DJ', utter 'Hyperactivity' or the whole underlying 'Psychodynamic', Extize are, and remain, textbook examples of arseholes.Alongside the five brand new tracks, the 'Arschloch EP' also offers four exclusive remixes, including mixes from the surprise newcomers of 2011 Chain Reactor and scene veterans Nexus Nemesis. Especially for the EP, Extize have invoked the contest to remix the song 'Spooky Fuck', from the album 'Paradize 2069'. Dozens of fans and bands took up the challenge and the winner Yugen makes an exclusive appearance on this EP, augmenting it by adding a further facet.With the 'Arschloch EP', Extize have succeeded in lashing out and striking a veritable sweeping blow to the electronic music of the moment and have unleashed a deadly danceable piece of music onto the electro world which is just waiting to be set off on the planet's dancefloors.
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