Derniere Volonte


Artikelnummer: HR_096

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.05.2010

Immortel, Derniere Volonte’s fifth studio album was 4 years in the making and marks their 15th anniversary! It is a huge development from the former style which redefined the term “military pop” to a more homogenous, less neoclassical and much more modern in sound. It’s electronic but organic at the same time - and reinvents a style Geoffroy D. has been influenced by since his early days. The themes on Immortel are affected by books, movies or personal experiences of Geoffroy but reflects in general his personal feelings about beloved people and their spirit which is and always will be present in our souls and memories. Immortel is another milestone in the oevre of one of France’s most interesting band from the underground scene and will surely attract fans from the early days and new fans from other musical scenes.

Limited edition vinyl LP of 888 copies in a debossed and spotvarnished gatefold cover with a bonus 7? containing a song not featured on the CD.

Kategorie: CDs

14,00 €

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  1. Ici Bas
  2. Corps Languissant
  3. Mon Orage
  4. Rien À Aimer
  5. Impossible
  6. Le Plus Secret
  7. Fragile
  8. Trop Tard
  9. Maintenant
  10. À Jamais
  11. Immortel
  12. Peut-Être
  13. Le Mal Que Tu Me Fais
  14. Au Loin

Band: Derniere Volonte
Label: Hau Ruck
Datenträger Anzahl: 1
Produkttyp: CD

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