Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love

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Welcome to the Lodge of Imploded Love!

Where tears becomes black holes and joy is abscent. Where hope becomes antimatter and love implodes. ‚Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love‘ offers 6 live songs recorded in darkness, ‚We Are Dust‘, ‚Hold My Hand‘, ‚A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers‘, ‚Watch The Skyline Catch Fire‘, ‚Immer Vorwärts‘ & ‚I Crave For You‘. Furthermore this release features an exclusive and unreleased track, ‚A Cancer Called Love‘ recorded at ‚The Lone Descent‘ album sessions, starring Louise Wilk-Zerahn (Of The Wand & The Moon) and Bo Rande (Blue Foundation, Mew, The William Blakes, Choir of Young Believers etc.) ‚Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love‘ comes as DVD/CD, 3 panel digipack with inserts and silver foilblocking. Limited 10? vinyl on black antimatter vinyl and silver foilblock. ‚ABANDON HOPE!‘

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