Brighter Death Now

Where Dreams Come True Live In Chicago

Artikelnummer: CMI_196

EAN: 7350020545962

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2009

On Friday the 13th of June 2003, the Swedish aggressor penetrated a virginal North America and left its sick stain inside the city of Chicago. The assault lasted for just over sixty agonizing minutes, intimidation of power the only lubrication. Sometimes slow and accompanied by whispered threats, other times hard and gratuitously painful. Always overbearing and unrelenting. Isn't that what LOVE is supposed to feel like? Moans of pleasure in the throes of violation. The amplification of obsession within an ongoing "abusive" relationship. The evidence of trauma conveniently packaged and presented as commodity. Feel dirty and ashamed over and over again. Remember, you're a victim, not a survivor.on this special occasion the personell of BDN was Roger Karmanik and Proiekt Hat. Your trauma comes in packed in a deliciously foilprinted 4-panel digipak.Mastered by Peter Andersson. Co-jointed release with American JINX cmi196

Kategorie: CDs

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  1. Adipocere
  2. Thirtyseven
  3. Sperm On Your Jacket
  4. Innerwar
  5. American Tale
  6. I Hate You
  7. Happy Nation

Band: Brighter Death Now
Produkttyp: CD
Label: Cold Meat Industry
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