Genocide Organ

The Truth Will Make You Free

Artikelnummer: TESCO_135

Erscheinungsdatum: 14.10.2019

2nd press with slightly different colorvariation of coverimage.
20 years after „The Truth will make you free“ saw light for the 1st time, this last Brick in the wall of Genocide Organ's back catalogue gets re-issued. First released in 1999 as vinyl only release

Here Tesco offers this album in the typical art-style that all Genocide Organ records come in.

„The Truth will make you free“ is an album yet to discover featuring many dark rhythmic industrial pieces filled with the agony of a dying world. All the confessions made there were true and the presence proved them right.

The Truth will be twisted and turned around as often as someone wilst it and then it becomes a lie and suddenly the lie becomes truth just to turn lie again.

Kategorie: CDs

14,00 €

Lieferzeit: 12 - 13 Werktage


  1. Harmony
  2. They Are So Cheap
  3. Deliberate
  4. We Will Never See
  5. City Breed
  6. No Return
  7. Who Wants To Be King
  8. Turn You Into Gas
  9. Inner Crisis Conflict
  10. Die Wahrheit

CD Genocide Organ "The Truth Will Make You Free"

Band: Genocide Organ
Label: Tesco Organisation
Datenträger Anzahl: 1
Produkttyp: CD

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