Obituary Of The Americas

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The 2nd CD version features the same artwork like the LP.

Genocide Organ have hidden in the jungles, hills, deserts, slums and cities of the Americas for 4 years. Being present on the shores of Panama, in the cardboard areas of El Salvador, the jungles of Guatemala, the drug roots of Bolivia, the human-drug trafficing in Mexico, the just in-justice in no-go areas just across the iron border of the US.

Meeting paramilitares, kommunist guerilla, dining in Fort Benning and getting their final degrees at the School of the Americas.

Trecking regions highly praised for ancient cultures, for individual tourism, the beauty of the landscape and the peaceful inhabitants - but some of these areas turned into nightmares far beyond imagination, they are out of focus of what is happening in places that seem to be of more interest to the european stock market. In fact everything is connected. If you are worthless in a region, you are worthless in all regions.

:Obituary of the Americas: is a slow creeping, noise-layered journey through some dark hearts. Dark noisy beats are the rhythms
for the decay and resistance of those involved, examined out of multiple angles and perspectives - the campesino, the elite soldier, the self-defense man, the drug-lord or the comon criminal, with harsh aggressive outbreaks of noise driven electronic assaults - the list could be endless and it is!
Today is the same as yesterday, it is world without a tomorrow!

Both versions have different artwork.

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