Post Scriptvm


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Erscheinungsdatum: 27.03.2014

Post Scriptvm is a New York-based Russian band that operates on the fringes of the original industrial, experimental, ambient and power electronics genres. The project’s sound is repeatedly referenced as some of the darkest and most cinematic music in these fields. This 5th full-length album by PS is a heavy entanglement of morbid, rough-edged analog industrial structures, warped samples, and eerie, hypnotizing ambient, submerged in otherworldly, mystical atmospheres. „Benommenheit“ contemplates earthly existence as a ghostly, tenebrous moment between eternities. From the opening track, „Horrorbirth,“ to the final piece, „Mal de Débarquement,“ the album unfolds a solitary journey, plagued by torturous angst, clouded by aetherial torpors, shadowed by tragic incongruities and concluded with nothing but the inevitable pain-filled departure back into the void.

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  1. Horrorbirth
  2. W.A.L.S.C.H.
  3. Corners
  4. Faces Like Masks
  5. Sick Of Shadows
  6. Nature Morte
  7. Eerie Cargo
  8. Clinging On Like Grim Death
  9. Mal De Débarquement

CD Post Scriptvm "Benommenheit"

Band: Post Scriptvm
Label: Tesco Organisation
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Produkttyp: CD

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