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New studio album by Slick Idiot. Fresh, garage-y, in your face, highly musical with a large variety of styles and angles. GUENTER prooves again to be untouchable as a guitarist, EN ESCH is the King of growling vocals. 

This is the fabulous Remix CD of Songs featured on the fantastic Slick Idiot release "SCREWtinized".



Coming to rescue Industrial music fans stranded in a land of complacency are EN ESCH and GUENTER SCHULZ, together as SLICK IDIOT! 
Formerly core members and co-founders of KMFDM, ESCH and SCHULZ left the groundbreaking industrial powerhouse in 1999 forming their own project, SLICK IDIOT. The duo released their first album, DickNity, in 2001: currently available on Itchy Records and distributed by Cleopatra. A supporting tour followed in the Spring/Summer of 2002. After releasing ReDickulous, an innovative remix CD comprised of songs from Dicknity re-mixed by friends of the band (do we want to name drop?) fans and distributed through Underground, Inc., ESCH and SCHULZ returned to the studio and created SCREWTINIZED. The fresh new music that resulted retains their distinctive sound with unexpected twists and is sure to resonate with their broad fan base. 

Legends in the Industrial music world, EN ESCH and GUENTER SCHULZ came together in their native Germany in the 1980?s and have worked together ever since. 

EN ESCH: Born in Frankfurt / Main, ESCH has lived and worked in Hamburg, Chicago, New Orleans, NYC and currently Los Angeles. The classically trained percussionist is best known for his distinctive vocals and charismatic and intense stage performances. He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, programmer and composer. His collaborations are varied and he has enjoyed success with the diverse ensemble Pigface since the early 90?s. GUENTER SCHULZ: Born near Bremen, SCHULZ has lived and worked in Hamburg, Chicago and since 1994 in British Columbia, Canada. Guitarist, composer, programmer and keyboardist, GUENTER SCHULZ is widely recognized and respected as one of the most talented guitarists in the Industrial scene. He is also an Internationally known and accomplished photographer and has been published worldwide. 

After several successful years in the Techno-Industrial scene and countless live performances around the world, the striking front man and talented guitarist who once formed the basis of KMFDM now enjoy a cult-hero status in EN ESCH?s larger-than-life and commanding persona and SCHULZ?s untouchable guitar work. The two together have combined to form a most unique and productive partnership giving their fans what they want: something new and fresh and even experimental, without ever losing the immediately recognizable and much loved sound that they created and made famous. 

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