Ure Thrall

Arabian Knightmares

Artikelnummer: TESCO_065

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2006

Comes in a special well designed cardboard box folder with 8 postcards. Arabian Knightmares is one man's effort to reflect the unfolding events of the current worldwide sectarian war in a series of harmonic constructs, utilizing actual sounds from the major events of the struggle (9/11, the Iraq War, etc.) to provide a historic point of reference. The forlorn yet beautiful emotions that are unmistakable in Muslim song and prayer are reflecteded here in a context so unique that it is deeply stirring in a musical sense and simultaneoously brutal with its emotional impact on the listener. Tears are not uncommon.

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  1. Assaulting The 50 Names Of Allah (A Call To Arms)
  2. Drowning In A Sea Of Blood And Oil
  3. Liberation Through Martyrdom
  4. Land Of The Free (Home Of The Grave)
  5. Bourbon Gamelan
  6. Donkey Cart Missile Assault
  7. Blackened Arabia
  8. Premonition 9/11
  9. The Storm Before The Calm
  10. Every Massacre Begins With A Funeral
  11. The Lasting Peace That Only War Can Bring
  12. Untitled

Band: Ure Thrall
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Produkttyp: CD
Label: Tesco Organisation

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