After the great success of the debut album...

After the great success of the debut album “Lebenszeitverschwender” in 2017, KAIZER is in the starting blocks to ring in the next era.

Anna, Alex, Chris, Mirko, Tommy and Bernd have expressed all ‘their energy and passion for music in their new, powerful album“ LEIDWERK ”, which will be released on August 13th this year.

No less than Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) stood by her side as producer, which makes it clear in which direction it is now going; namely FORWARD! The new songs hit like a thunderstorm, go straight forward and with their lyrics take up topics that go into the core.

Musically there is a dark mixture of hard guitar riffs, melodic synths, driving bass and a front of two singers: Anna and Alex, who dash forward together. "LEIDWERK" is a fat mixture of strength and gentleness. Songs with the force of fire in the interplay of ballad notes! A record that has to be heard, a band that should be recommended!

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