Amesha Spentas

Artikelnummer: CMI_206

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2008

Eldar (Marc Merinee & Merce Spica) returns with a new album and with their significant mixture of dark-ambient and bombastic martial music. As always they choose the title for their album related to a philosophical and mystical meaning. On "Amesha Spentas" the songs has been created based on the work by Goya, from the conceptual point of view. Viewing these works through an occult philosophy. Each song is placed in a specific historical moment. All sounds and instruments are also chosen specifically for each songs individual concept. Using multitude of synths, samples, tools (metals, knives, bowls, pipes, wood, etc.) together with field recordings. Creating that special dark haunted atmosphere that has become wellknown as the ELDAR sound. Urban Alonso, who created the conceptual artwork, is a graphic designer well known in Spain by different musical genres, also as a musician under the name "Scumearth" of Ambient Noise genre.

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  1. Strange Madness
  2. The Insurgents Shot
  3. The Sleep Of Reason Create Monsters
  4. The Truth, The History, The Time
  5. The Powder Brought Sludge
  6. Died The Truth
  7. The Courtyard Of Fools
  8. Asmodea
  9. Death Beds
  10. Satourn Devouring One Of His Sons

Band: Eldar
Label: Cold Meat Industry
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Produkttyp: CD

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