Jack Or Jive

Towards The Event Horizon

Artikelnummer: WRR_003

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2002

Towards The Event Horizon is 11 tracks that embraces a spiritual life, to which it gives and from which it takes, and is the project's first new material since "Gyakkou." With remarkable intricacy, Chako's voice unfolds an extraordinary singular universe where all sounds, with their ambitious and various scopes, both fragile and powerful, form an existence of being in a strange, yet beautiful world. Jack or Jive's methods to express their truly artistic music is through lush soundscapes, the mysterious voice of Chako, and various beautiful surprises. An awe-inspiring realm of exquisite sounds have been born that are both a dark shade and a bright light... CD comes packaged in a cardboard box with woven fabric image from the artist Seizo Inoue. Also includes 8 black and white postcards taken during live events over the past 3 years in Germany and Taiwan. Limited edition of 999 copies.

Kategorie: CDs


Lieferzeit: 12 - 13 Werktage


  1. The Last Card
  2. Hiumi
  3. Hand To Hand
  4. Intersecting Hypocrisy
  5. Towards The Event Horizon
  6. Harmony Of Pulse
  7. Interstice Of Impulse
  8. Wings
  9. De Ja Vu 2
  10. The Moon Seen At The End
  11. Farewell To Tokyo, Japan

Band: Jack Or Jive
Label: White Rabbit Records
Datenträger Anzahl: 1
Produkttyp: CD

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