raison d'être

When The Earth Dissolves In Ashes

Artikelnummer: CMI_213

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Erscheinungsdatum: 16.03.2012

When the Earth Dissolves in Ashes‘ gathers 75 minutes unique material formerly live only performed at different locations during 2010 and 2011: Zürich, Wuppertal, Rotterdam, Cologne, Leipzig (WGT), Cherkassy and more. The starting point for these live tracks is mainly the sounds used for ‚In sadness, Silence and Solitude‘, ‚Metamorphyses‘ and ‚The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice‘. l looped and mixed live together with on spot improvised sounds, thus shaped into new never before heard sonically expressions.
comes in very nice 6panel Digipak Total lenght 75 minutes 35 seconds
Biography: Raison d’être formed in 1991 as a tool of expression with the goal of self-realization. Behind the project is the highly respected and multitalented sound artist Peter Andersson. For almost two decades now, and with a vast number of CD releases on the Cold Meat Industry label, raison d’être have been supplying listeners with overwhelming dark ambient industrial landscapes of beauty and sorrow. Listening to raison d’être is like a lucid journey into the dark hidden domains of your inner self. But this is not all. Peter Andersson host not only one but up to nine other projects representing different sides and sounds of the Andersson character. The most well known except for raison d’être are Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus, Bocksholm and Atomine Elektrine.

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  1. The Everlasting Fire (Linecheck)
  2. Summoning
  3. The Unclean Spirit
  4. Shedding
  5. Darken my Soul
  6. The Water of Cleansing
  7. Disowned Before the Angels of God
  8. The Dark Age Will Come
  9. Spira Mirabilis
  10. Sharing the Guilt
  11. My Soul is Darkened
  12. The Everlasting Fire
  13. Reconstructing the Void
  14. Shadow Weaver

Band: raison d'être
Label: Cold Meat Industry
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Produkttyp: CD

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