Der Blutharsch

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Live In Leiden

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2010

Live in Leiden by Der Blutharsch is the third album in a series of live recordings after “Live at The Monastery” and “Live in Copenhagen”.

Live in Leiden was recorded at “The Night of Confusion” held September 28, 2004 at legendary venue LVC (where artists like Nico have performed) and was the “most controversial” concert in the 40-year history of this venue. Nevertheless, this night was a huge success and this recording is a document of this night. At the same time it is the last live recording of the “old” Blutharsch - a small reminder about what Der Blutharsch was doing for before they morphed into “era two” and turned into a dark psychedelic kraut monster.

This is a great live document of a concert of the thee band who invented “martial industrial” as well as “military pop” - a MUST have for all die hard fans of this genre as well as for people who want to know why this band was once considered “dangerous”.

The CD comes in a foilblocked digipak.

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