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Relatively Close To The Sea

Artikelnummer: HR_091

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2008

The album features contributions from Greg Ferrari (Womb) on electric guitar, Joanna Quail (SonVer) on cello, Matt Howden (Sieben) on violin; and Arthur Shaw (Cutty Sark) on keyboard. Dominic O'Connor (eulogised in Silent Life's 'Dominic Song') is there in spirit - the album includes a cover version of one of his compositions, previously unreleased in any form. 'Dented Mess' harks back to the existential pop elements of Truffles of Love; 'The German' is a dalliance with Schlager-esque murder balladry; while the title track itself combines slide guitar and lo-fi synths with the Naevus band sound. The centerpiece of the album, and Naevus' greatest recorded work to date, is the 18-minute 'Go Grow', takes the progressive influences that have been present in Naevus since the beginning (Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, etc.) and weds them with soaring cello and John Cale-esque piano pounding to produce a sublime epic.

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  1. Relatively Close To The Sea
  2. Traffic Island
  3. Meat On Meat
  4. The German
  5. Dented Mess
  6. The Troubadour
  7. Go Grow
  8. Relatively Close To The Sea (Reprise)

Label: Hau Ruck
Datenträger Anzahl: 1
Besonderheit: Digipak
Band: Naevus
Produkttyp: Digipak CD

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