Exfeind Nummer Eins

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This is the concise but absolutely fitting self-definition from the talented one-man army that is mentor, mastermind and namesake Lian Exfeind. This debut, which comprises eleven songs, brings some fresh air to the German-language rock scene and delights with its hard yet equally dreamy - as well as hymnal and focused - compositions. "Do our thing, be individual, not always perfect, but original," emphasises the multi-instrumentalist in the piece 'Gefallene Engel', coming across as unintentionally autobiographical as he does so. Inspired by the early works of various NDH ('New German Hardness') pioneers such as MEGAHERZ or OOMPH!, fascinated by EISBRECHER et al but also by countless electro acts such as for example CELLDWELLER and BLUE STAHLI, EXFEIND has created its own quite unique sonic cosmos and celebrates an innovative definition of driving industrial rock with sophisticated and poetic German lyrics. "To write songs that are here to stay," is how Lian Exfeind describes his virtuoso intention, confidently maintaining: "No mayflies set to perish in the sea of today's musical floods."

"That which remains for us forever, a reminder to last for eternity," is how the charismatic songwriter broods on lost thoughts in the melancholy closing number 'Was uns bleibt', at the same time igniting a musical firework; inspired and hungry, deep and fragile, manifold and hymnal. Despite its lofty aspirations, 'Exfeind Nummer Eins' is catchy and accessible, telling of everyday situations in the life of its creator. "The day-to-day interactions between people and what goes off in people's minds" is what are reflected in the project's original, immensely subtle and moving sound constructions: "That which is constantly present, but under the skin and therefore not apparent; what moves people, their hopes and dreams... The things you think about when you can't sleep at night and the things that motivate you to get up in the morning."

The indisputable fact: The results speak for themselves. It reveals itself to be a fresh electronic alternative to the 'New German Hardness' that shines across all musical pigeonholes, and last but not least, really shines thanks to the undistorted vocals of its creator. 'Exfeind Nummer Eins' appears to be a spectacular synthesis of powerful guitar riffs and synthesiser sounds, which sounds more modern, spacey and different. The sound is more open and melodic and comes across as less rigid than that of representatives of similar genres. A remarkable piece of rock music for contemplation or blast off, and as the futuristic 'Lass uns Leben' says: "Today there's nothing more to stop us, we'll sing, we'll dance, we'll escalate." EXFEIND represents emotion, light and shadow, life itself as well as the unquenchable, infinite passion and creativity of Lian Exfeind. "I don't expect to change the world with it. But my music should be able to trigger something deep in people - With a sound that steamrollers you and songs you'll love to listen to." Powerful words from a powerful artist, yet one thing is already set in stone: With 'Exfeind Nummer Eins', EXFEIND touches the lowest depths of the soul and at the same time really sets things off with a bang.
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