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A new time has come. A time of enlightenment, of progress, of finding new ways. Not in the current  global events, unfortunately. But in music. Now is the time for new heroes. The time of crows. The stage is set, the world holds its breath. KRAYENZEIT is here. And nothing will ever be the same again.

Born in the embers of Medieval Rock, the German ensemble never was about guarding the ashes. More than anything else, they always wanted to find new ways through old lands, to adopt a fresh perspective on the tales of old. That's what already made their former records stand out, that's what gained them a more than respectable following. Their albums 'Auf dunklen Schwingen', 'Tenebra' and 'Von Mond und Schatten' have been released in rapid succession and brought them to the Wave Gotik Treffen, to Wacken Open Air, to concerts with SCHANDMAUL or SALTATIO MORTIS.

Now, however, is the time for the metamorphosis. Not a Kafka-like and ghastly metamorphosis, mark you, but a transformation finally turning KRAYENZEIT into what has been hinted at in the past couple of years: Here is new voice of medieval Folk Rock, a new power solely making a shop-worn genre great again.

Their 'Saitentänzer' is a piece of music that couldn't be more gripping, more enchanted and more intense. Instead of simply telling fairy tales of old, KRAYENZEIT use the storytelling ways of yore to hold the mirror up to society. Just like the bards did - and yet far from being old fashioned. Quite the contrary, in fact: Is has been long since Folk Rock last sounded so contemporary and full of zeitgeist, so catchy and powerful. Seven members, each a capacity in its respective field, unleash a musical Babylon, a folklorist drama between Metal, Rock, medieval melodies and electronic ornamentation.

And suddenly even the fast frequency of their former albums makes total sense: KRAYENZEIT gained the munition for marching to the top in a mere couple of years and have an arsenal at hand that will finally push Folk Rock forward again. With 'Saitentänzer', they play themselves, their colleagues and their fans dizzy - and are only just beginning.

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