This time something different than the classic...

Stay together

This time something different than the classic band merch for Fantotal!
We were approached by Helden - e.V. This is a non-profit association that tries to prevent (cyber-) bullying, exclusion and violence in schools.
This association launched the “Stay Together” campaign and asked us for help!
What is this all about?
“Stay together” is a call to the rock-/ metal-/ alternative-/ folk- / goth- / industrial- and all other communities! We wish to celebrate the community feeling in music, even in the absence of live concerts and festivals and to stand up clearly against exclusion and (cyber) bullying!
For the month of April and May, bands, artists and events in the social networks will speak up together with Helden e.V .. The bands are presented on the association's social media pages, there will be a series of interviews of various kinds and your stories can also contribute to success.
Have you experienced (cyber) bullying or exclusion and would you like to draw attention to the topic? Share your experiences as a picture, text or video via #StayTogether!
To finance the work of the association, there will be official “Stay together” merchandise!
And this is exactly where we come in. You can now purchase this merch in the Fantotal Shop under the “Stay Together” tab. The profit will be donated to the Helden e.V. and will be invested into prevention workshops at schools, into the schooling of trainers and into the further development of the seminars.

On board now:
Band: Nachtmahr Grailknights In Sanity Momo indigo April Art DjaneSida Rise of Kronos Rise of Kronos (ex. Surface) Tanzwut Gramr Kneipenterroristen MonoSapien Bloospot Empty Home Romeo vs. Juliet Stormseeker Agonoize Guitarra Pura Motorowl Corvidae Endseeker Saltatio Mortis Vogelfrey Die apokalyptischen Reiter Habenichtse Mr. Hurley DJ Andtrax Fadead Santichan Equilibrium Harpyie Torment Mythemia Firkin  FirstTime in Hell Schandmaul Nothgard Heldmaschine Necrotted Haggefugg Fuchsteufelswild Schwermetallvergiftung Krayenzeit Herbstschatten Nero Doctrine Ignis Fatuu Gnaim Sober Truth Finsterforst Indecent Behavior Vera Lux All Miles Gone Neurotox Lame Imortelle Godsnake Soulbound Irony of Fate Wiedergaenger Black Messiah Night Light Major Voice Goitzsche Front Stellarys Jimmy Wolfchant Dartagnan Potsch Potschka Band Mirrorplain Gossenpoeten Manntra Feuerschwanz Destraktor Randale Remedy Records Stay together
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