Element 115

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The Funker is dead - long live the Funker
It’s been 4 years that Chris L. took the abandoned microphone at Funker Vogt and the Funkers, Gerrit Thomas, René Dornbusch and mentioned Chris L., gave a badass statement, why they definitely still belong to the spearhead of the scene. “Silent” is what they can’t and won’t be in 2021 and so they are firing proper explosives on their new album “Element 115” into the masses.
Central point of the topic is the theory of pre-astronautics, which - shortly put - claims that the gods of humans were alien visitors who have been visiting the earth for thousands of years. After Bob Lazar, a former scientist at Area 51 - who had already publicly appeared in the 1980s through publishing secret information - Element 115 is a gravitation power engine which uses an antimatter reactor as an energy source. It is astonishing in how much detail he describes his work and experiences in the area 51.
As a matter of course, Funker Vogt won’t run through city centres with homemade stretch suits and tinfoil hats to try to convert people. It’s more about the possibility and the what ifs...
"Prepare for Invasion" is booming from the boxes and that’s why the Funker don’t only take prisoners in the badass „Invasion“ because „all dissidenting is conspiracy“, as it is said in the clubhit „Olympus“. That’s why the songs “The Grey“, „A.I.“ & „Abducted“ are under the motto „We don’t negotiate with terrorists“ and are virtually welcoming the war on the dancefloors.

But Funker Vogt wouldn’t be Funker Vogt, if they didn’t spread thought-provoking impulses into different directions. Continuing where they have started with CONSPIRACY EP, the cinematic opener “What If I’m Wrong?” picks up questions about our existence and the meaning of the universe. This central theme runs through until the final, threatening track “A Step Into The Dark”. ELEMENT 115 doesn’t only invite us on a musical level with 13 tracks (plus five bonus tracks on the limited edition) to expand into new musical and textual widths; the Funker has never presented himself on a more perfected and concise level. The fact that Gerrit Thomas and Chris L. have put substantially more time into the production, can not only be seen in the song „To The Sun“ which is sung in 3 languages or in the almost spherical tracks like “GAIA” or “Lost”. An exceptional title like “The Wanting“ is proof to the perfected, tonal variety that Funker Vogt has finally melted into one unity. In the 25th year of their band history, Funker Vogt are not part of the old guard yet - more concise and stronger than before.

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