A Recrafted Winter

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The dark wave gods are on our side: After the surprising and enthralling return with their triumphant comeback 'Another Winter' in the beginning of 2019, COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDRÉA are already back with yet another massively surprising delight. 'A Recrafted Winter' sees France's pioneers of all sounds dark and melancholic create a wholly remastered, remixed and electrified sister record to this soulful piece of art. Winter's overture is here.

One thing is certain after 33 years in existence, after ten studio albums and unforgettable service for darkly serene music: You never heard the pioneers of dark wave and heavenly voices just like that! Even on the original work, COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDRÉA shone with that poetic yet fleeting magic, with their trademark sound of both elegiac and powerful dark wave, neo-classical tragedy and electronic prowess; 'A Recrafted Winter' masters the tightrope walk to at once increase the electronic elements and maintain the weightless aura at the same time. Thus, the tracks become more dynamic, more arcane and also stronger. But the very special thing is that the symphonic, nostalgic aura doesn't get lost. Quite the opposite is true, in fact: It's as if this esteemed and noble band simply changed its elegant costume.

Elegiac yet powerful Dark Wave, enmeshed in neoclassical drama and electronic finesse: The symphonic or convulsive strings respond vigorously to the tenacious melancholy of a nostalgic piano; they let themselves be carried away in the electro turmoil of aerial or noisy guitars, arpeggio synths and minimalist rhythmic loops - this is far beyond rendering some songs dancefloor-compatible. Instead, those precious pieces of music have been dissected quite carefully and then got transferred onto an altogether new level of meaning. Extraordinary is how well that works and how Chloés ever-present, gripping vocals work their magic even in those electronic anthems for a forgotten world. One thing is crystal clear: A work like 'A Recrafted Winter' is only possible for a band with an original, unique sound. And if that holds true for one project out there, its COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDRÉA.

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