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ENDLiCH! The grand finale of the ‘Fremder’ cycle from the gothic novel rock icons ASP

ENDLiCH! - 3CD digibook edition

  • CDs 1 and 2 containing the new studio double album ‘ENDLiCH!’
  • CD 3 contains 6 bonus tracks:
    • Three additional songs featuring Asp Spreng’s involvement, in the form of a wonderful collaboration between ASP and TWO MINDS COLLIDE (produced in the legendary Studio Greywolf, POWERWOLF), DELVA and avant-garde electro artist CASSIDI
    • LORD OF THE LOST’s profoundly emotional interpretation of the album song ‘Echo’
    • As well as the single versions of the massive hit ‘Raise Some Hell Now!’ and the title track ‘Endlich’
  • CDs in printed pockets
  • 27-page booklet on high quality glossy art paper
  • Front and rear endpapers made from extra-thick paper, printed in colour
  • Including all song lyrics

Ten years ago saw the beginning of a fascinating musical journey which now reaches its climax on the latest ASP double album.

And what a climax it is!

In these times of crisis, instead of staying on the safe side and serving the fans up with a regurgitated hash of the admittedly anything but unpalatable standard ASP fare, this concept album finally blows all genre conventions apart. Although it is firmly based on the usual powers of musical narration, it completely dispenses with currying favour with particular scenes or with keeping an eye on the mainstream.

Of course, this does’t necessarily make the unsettling, highly complex narrative any more accessible. People who still reduce the band to ‘Ich will brennen’ and similar popular songs may well have problems with mastermind Asp Spreng’s courageous reflections on his own, lyrically complex powers. However, anyone who regards a music album as being more than just background noise will find fulfilment in this world of songs.

Especially because musically, it increasingly defies genre categorisation, yet in an extremely melodic manner. Because this climax to the ‘Fremder’ cycle is certainly not lacking hits, many of which are crying out more than ever for the live stage. And the surprising thing is this: although some songs clearly have their roots in metal, others represent a nostalgic nod to the band’s sound in the early days, yet without coming across as an attempt to go back to the roots. Rather, it sounds almost as if this fourteenth studio album seeks to playfully reconcile all the styles deployed by ASP over the course of many years with one another, closing a circle.

ASP remain as extravagant as ever, as even in this era of streaming, they give their all to ensure their releases are a real experience. The artwork, created with photo artist Heilemania (Nightwish/Lindemann/Dimmu Borgir), helps ensure the album represents a breathtaking total work of art fusing music and imagery.

A bold, opulent chapter from ASP, which after two years’ intensive work and a decade of storytelling brings this major cycle to an end with an absolute bang. A blockbuster of an album!

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