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Der Verborgene Gott

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Art Abscon is a mysterious individual lurking in the twilight of his mask. Not much is known of him, except that he sometimes refers to himself as “Grandmaster Abscon” or even “The Hidden God”, who, it seems, is worshipped by the so-called “Ordre Secret d’Abscon”. From his poetical work one may derive that he is deeply indebted to Early German Romanticism and the Symbolist Movement, but his music - which is an inspiring and innovative melange of traditional neofolk, darkfolk and classic industrial - catapults the splendour of his poetry into realms unknown. There is undeniably a certain sensuousness in his voice that some might even describe as sex appeal, but he can turn into a hissing demon from one moment to the next.

“The world is my dream at daybreak. Guarded by angels, conceived by devils” is the magical formula opening ART ABSCONs’ concept album “Der verborgene Gott” which celebrates the myth of Deus Absconditus, the Hidden God. What will happen when he wakes up from his blissful dreams and omen-filled nightmares? The album leads us through delirious dreamscapes ranging from catchy pop tunes to ethereal soundscapes, from medieval ditties to industrial sound collages, from childish melodies to psychedelic walls of sound, always crowned by Abscon’s haunting, poetical voice. The whole is spiced up with noteworthy vocal and instrumental contributions from distinguished collaborators such as members of Luftwaffe, Sinweldi and Gnomonclast.

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