12" Vinyl

Let’s ‘ave It!

  • SKU: TRI_797_LP
  • GTIN: 4260063947971
  • Category: Vinyl
  • Date of release: 05.01.2024
  • Black 180g 12" vinyl
  • Sturdy cardboard sleeve
  • Reverse board printed cover
  • Inner sleeve containing all song lyrics
  • Inner sleeve made from special untreated paper
  • Strictly limited to 400 copies

“Let’s 'ave It!”, you angrily shout out seconds before settling the score, when determined to not let it stand - thoroughly fed up with the lot of them! “Let's 'ave It!” is the challenge uttered to your opponents when you are unafraid and ready to fight.

The above sums up THE SKINFLICKS' general mindset nicely, as they present their new album as a follow-up to 2021's surprising comeback-album-of-sorts “Old dogs, new tricks”.

The SKINFLICKS are back for more and they are here to stay! The band have tasted blood and return to the charge: “Let's 'ave It!” delivers another fatal blow of uncompromising, old school, brick wall Oi music, which never sees melody as a weakness or compromise, but as an integral element of THE SKINFLICKS powerful sound.

The themes of the song lyrics are rather close to the heart this time around, which is not to say that they'd ever neglect their trademark social commentary, drenched in bitter, abrasive wit and humour. From the opening scorcher “This is the crew” on, it is very clear: you are invited along on a bruise-cruise with the boys! You will walk through your ever-changing neighbourhoods in “Gentrified for your sins”; You will sing-along to domestic violence on “Blood and Glass”; You will take on the cowardly keyboard warriors taking pot-shots from behind their onscreen safety zones in “Tin Pot soldiers”; You will witness the crew settling the score with individual opponents as well as society in general on “Get on yer bus”, “Fuck all” and “Bored” and others. You will be called to order in “Teach 'em the Law” and receive full support with “Stand fast”.

“Let's 'ave It!” has it all! So, buckle up and come along for the ride! Ready when you are!

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